Nutrition Resources

The following is a list of links to some recommended reading / viewing.  In no specific order.

10 Reasons to Go Grain Free by Nourished Kitchen

This Guide to Fats & Oils from the Real Food Digest is a great easy reference guide to which you should be eating, cooking with, and avoiding altogether.

“I Have High Cholesterol & I Don’t Care” is a great set of videos from Chris Kresser. There is an amazing amount of information on his site; definitely spend some time there.

People often ask what foods they should always buy organic.  If there is an availability or budget concern, the Dirty Dozen is a great reference to help you decide.  There’s even a wallet guide you can print!

I’m not a religious person, but this list of 7 Things You Should Never Eat might as well be my bible.  I was somewhat crushed (pardon the pun) to read about the canned tomatoes, but don’t fret.  There are solutions short of canning your own here

This is a great article from the Wall St Journal about the correlation between gut health and bodily functions beyond digestion.  I’ll let you in on a little secret: People in the nutrition field have knows this for a while, and we just love it when mainstream medicine catches up.

Just about everything they have to say over at The Weston A Price Foundation is worth reading.  Endless hours of reading about topics such as the dangers of soy, why butter is better, general nutrition and much much more await you.

This video is truly remarkable.  In it, Dr Terry Wahls speaks at Ted-X about her journey of living with multiple sclerosis.  While being treated with “the best” that modern medicine had to offer, her disease progressed rapidly.  When she’d had enough, Dr Wahls took matters into her own hands and reversed the symptoms of her MS with diet.  Guess which one.

For more about the Paleo lifestyle and more recipes:

Balanced Bites
Grass Fed Girl
Celiac Handbook
Primal Docs

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