Filet Mignon & Grilled Vegetable Salad

You might expect that my life as a caterer means that I eat only the finest cuisine, served on a silver platter with a linen napkin.  I do eat really well, because I make it a point to, but it doesn’t usually look like that.  I often eat cold food, straight out of the fridge, in a mad dash out the door.

But sometimes, the random leftovers that didn’t make it to the party- the less than beautiful parts- can make a really outstanding meal.

Like Sunday night, for example, when I ate THIS.

Here’s what I found in the fridge:

  • The fresh greens we had bought that morning at the farmers market
  • The pieces of filet mignon I had deemed too well done to join the whipped blue cheese and gluten-free crostini that I served at my Saturday event
  • Simon’s leftover grilled vegetables from when he cooked himself dinner (!) while I was catering an event the night before. He even sent me a picture, so proud:

Good job, Shmoopers!

So this is how dinner happened:

I cut up the leftover delicious grilled vegetables and threw them in a small pan to heat up.

I made a simple vinaigrette with dijon mustard, red wine vinegar & olive oil and added it to the veg.

Then I turned off the heat and added the filet, stirring just to combine and warm it a bit.

Mixed it all up with the lovely greens we bought from our favorite organic farmer that morning.

And what the hell. Dropped in a few sprinkles of white truffle oil, because both grilled vegetables and beef love that. And we want our meat and veg to be happy.

Tried to convince Simon to make his own salad, but eventually gave in and put the salad in 2 bowls. Sharing is caring.

Took pictures until Simon couldn’t stand it anymore, and then there was one.

We always eat at the table, like civilized people, but there were 4 minutes left in some playoff game, so we ate in the living room. Simon’s a happy boy.

So there you have it. Dinner made with some random ingredients turned out very delicious, and something I would make again, served on a silver platter.

I hope this inspires you to create something great for dinner tonight!

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One Response to Filet Mignon & Grilled Vegetable Salad

  1. debbie says:

    I want to be around when you’re grazing in the fridge.

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