Sausage Bolognese over Zucchini Noodles

Once again, I found myself home from a catering job completely starving, despite the dozen or so mini meatballs I had eaten while working. Having had a very busy week catering, there were all sorts of goodies in the fridge: extra sausage I had made to add to the rabbit that was braised in Pinot Gris, zucchini that didn’t make it to the grill because I bought way too much, as usual, and some burrata, which is my new favorite thing as far as cheese goes. Like mozzarella, only creamier, spreadable, and sublimely melty when warm.

So here it is; the latest fridge forage; inspired, as always, by me being starving.

First thing’s first: about 1/2 pound sausage and a handful of diced red onions in a skillet to brown.

While the sausage and onion browns, I noodled some zucchini with a peeler. They make peelers that turn vegetables into actual spaghetti, but this worked just fine.

A little heat. Notice I don’t measure when I’m starving. Or when I’m cooking without the intention of creating an actual recipe out of it. “this much” red pepper flakes went into the sausage

My favorite jarred tomato product. Tastes like tomatoes, not metal! Go figure. I buy several when they’re on sale, and reuse the jars, which are a great size.

Again, no measuring. Live a little! I added the amount that yielded the thickness of sauce that I desired. It’s almost rocket science.

Sauce is simmering and happy making, so I dropped the “noodles” into boiling water for a few seconds. Long enough to take a picture or two of them.

Drained noodles, placed in pasta bowl.

Sauced ’em

Cheesed ’em

Look at that! It’s like the Italian flag. Even better, it was delicious, and a perfect quick dinner after working a short but sweet rooftop gig in downtown San Francisco.

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One Response to Sausage Bolognese over Zucchini Noodles

  1. Mmm, this sounds so good! I can taste the sausage already 😉

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