21 Day Sugar Detox. Day 2. We’re going to need more butter.

Owning a catering company is like this:

  1. I’m so busy I can’t figure out a way to physically do everything I need to do, I eat cold bolognese with a spoon for dinner, and curse all those 80’s movies and The Jetsons for promising that we’d have robot assistants by now. Where. Are. They.
  2. * crickets *

Considering I’m blogging at 10pm instead of strapping on my light blocking eye mask like I should be, it’s safe to say that this week falls into the #1 category. And yes, I had cold bolognese for dinner. Actually that’s not entirely true. I had 2 bites while it was scorching hot, and got distracted, later shoveling the rest of it in my mouth while doing dishes. It’s all glamour over here, folks!

I didn’t manage to take many food pics today, but did wake up to a text from Simon asking if this was the right amount of butter to put on his coconut muffin:

It’s cut in half for greater surface area, I’ll give him that.

I replied that it’s almost enough butter, but this is more like it:

now that’s some butter

Looking through the pictures on my phone, I’m reminded that I did actually have lunch! Yay me. Leftover turkey soup, the one I’ve been bragging about. Seriously, Bobby Flay would get his tuchus handed to him if he challenged me to a Throw Down on this one. I will try and post a recipe, but it’s one of those things…. Almost impossible to record what happened in the kitchen that day. Measuring definitely did not, but I’ll do my best to recipe-ify it. This picture is from the other night. I did not eat it at the table with a nice cloth napkin today.

I could seriously eat this every day.

In other news: Do you like our glitter table? We did some DIY this weekend with the kids, which is way outside the norm of our usual activities. We are not crafty people. The concept of putting down something protective didn’t cross our minds, and so the table has officially been refinished. And it’s pretty damn sparkly.

For the most part, I was way too busy today to think about what I could and couldn’t eat, so it was essential that there were plenty of leftovers in the house.  I have an equally busy day tomorrow, the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. But there are a few recipes that I reeeeealy want to post, so I will try my very best to do so.

I’ll give you a hint: one of them is a variation of these crackers.

How was today for you?

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9 Responses to 21 Day Sugar Detox. Day 2. We’re going to need more butter.

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you for the link to the book. (Though I’m having problems downloading it… I may call the number soon for assistance.) Um, I ate a banana yesterday – was that a no-no? I may not be able to to follow the plan to the letter; those coconut muffins look tasty, but I haven’t seen any coconut flour around here. I’ll look some more. I did significantly reduce my added sugar intake – by 90% I’d say. No sugar in the coffee! And no alcohol! Hope you have a less-harried day today.

  2. Jessica says:

    Oh, and I did make the zucchini noodles as a side dish to the leftover chili we had for dinner. I thought the kids might like the zucchini in the different shape/form, but they weren’t convinced. But I liked it!

    • zenbellyblog says:

      Oh they didn’t like them? I was amazed at how much my step-daughter loved them… She thinks they’re so much better than regular noodles, and requested them for her birthday (which is almost 3 months away, haha) Have you tried them in some kind of sauce? I so want kids to love zucchini noodles!

  3. Becca says:

    Your days sound similar to mine 🙂 I start every morning running and don’t stop until I go to bed! Last night though, my wonderful husband took over baby duty, dinner duty, dish duty, and dog duty, so that I could RELAX! Your coconut muffins have inspired me though to do something I’ve been needing to do (and telling myself to do) for months now; prepare a week’s worth of breakfast on Sunday, so that my mornings can be less stressful, and we’re all guaranteed to start the day off with a full belly 🙂 As far as the detox goes, my headaches are still here, but much better 🙂

  4. Em says:

    Im doing it tooooo!!! except im allowing myself two pieces of fruit per day (and Im doing it on the level where you have dairy) This is day 3 for me though. so far so good! Kept my hands out of the chocoalte chips at the bakery AND the maple syrup out of my coffee. I THINK I feel pretty good (?!) I feel like I might start to get pretty bored of eggs though… Is Simon not drinking for the 3 weeks?!

    • zenbellyblog says:

      Yay! I hear ya about the eggs. I’ve been eating coconut muffins a lot, and sometimes chicken soup, which is a pretty great breakfast. I’m doing some dairy as well… cream in my coffee and butter, of course! Simon is on board! Not drinking for 3 weeks, and not even putting sugar in his coffee!

  5. Marina says:

    Is it possible to get the recipe for the Coconut Muffins? I would love to make a batch for the week. I do so much better when I prepare my meals for the week ahead of time. Love your blog!

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