21 Day Sugar Detox. Day 4: Based on my scientific research, starting the day with chicken soup makes everything amazing.

While falling asleep last night in a state of sheer exhaustion, I remember muttering “I’m going to have chicken soup for breakfast”.

This is normal, right?

I did just that, and was happy to remember this morning that I had made such a good plan the night before. I have some genius moments when I’m barely conscious.

I feel like I’ve been whining a lot this week, so today, I’d like to share with you the many good things about this lovely stormy Thursday.

  • The rain didn’t start until I was a mere half a block from home when walking the dogs  this morning.
  • I was able to procure delicious chocolate chip cookies from The Goods Gluten-Free Treats*, and that means that I don’t have to make dessert for tomorrow’s catering job. (more importantly, I don’t have to smell cookies baking)
  • I decided to take a tiny detour to check out the storm as it was coming in on the ocean.  It was beautiful and stormy, and I was reminded that I really do need to go there more often.

pretty stormy.

  • I was able to finish work in time to actually make dinner for me and Simon, and happened to have ground beef, salsa, avocados, and romaine in the fridge. Taco Night! We made them with lettuce leaves instead of jicama, to use what we had and to make it as simple as possible. If you haven’t yet had jicama taco shells though, oh man, are you in for a treat. And once you know how to make guacamole that doesn’t turn brown, you’ll just want to throw parties all the time.
  • AND THEN! We finally bottled up our first batch of kombucha that we started two weeks ago. It needs another day or three for it’s second ferment / flavor magic to happen, and I can hardly wait to try it. I bought a kit, SCOBY and all from the lovely people at Kombucha Kamp while I was at the Weston A Price conference earlier this month. Being a total kombucha novice, I felt good about having a complete kit to start with, including very detailed instructions. It looks like our first batch came out great, and we started a new batch to keep it going.

bottlin’ the booch!

I promise I did eat between breakfast and lunch, but it was more like snacking here and there…. Some rotisserie chicken, a few bites of frittata, a few emergency almonds that I keep in my purse at all times. This list, combined with a conversation I had with my friend Johnny over at Eating For Idiots reminds me that I really do need to eat more kale and other good dark leafy greens. I tend to get lazy with the veggies! Shame on me. This weekend at the market I will stock up, I promise!

Eat More Kale!

What a great day. I hope yours was great as well.

* The Goods website is still in progress, but definitely keep them on your radar – There are some pretty fantastic cookies and such coming from their kitchen.

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2 Responses to 21 Day Sugar Detox. Day 4: Based on my scientific research, starting the day with chicken soup makes everything amazing.

  1. Rose says:

    Is your recipe for chicken soup out there somewhere? I don’t find it strange at all. I often have soup for breakfast and would like to try something different

  2. zenbellyblog says:

    My chicken soup recipe is just in my head. I’m working on a blog post on how I make it, but it probably won’t be an actual recipe… The key is really good broth that’s cooked for a really long time, I aim for 24 hours.

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