21 Day Sugar Detox. Day 5: I’ll be on the couch, pretending not to want ice cream and a margarita.

You know who doesn’t say TGIF often? That’s right, me.

I’m saying it tonight, even though the weekend that lies ahead doesn’t in the least resemble an actual weekend. I have to cook all day tomorrow, and cater a small wedding on Sunday. I’m not complaining. It’s my job! And I love it. The fact is, I get tons of random days off on all sorts of days of the week. This is not a M-F 9-5 gig. Sometimes, I have a whole week off, and get to do things like catch up on paperwork, when I’m not being distracted by the likes of  Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  (<— that was sneaky, right?)

But this Friday evening I have off. From the time I delivered lunch in Marin today until tomorrow morning when I start cooking, I’m a free woman. So far, I met a friend for lunch and got a pedicure. It’s not even 7, and I can see the couch in my near future. I’m so happy I could cry.

It’s the little things.

Day 5 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox was so far the day that felt the most arrrrgh. I did a stupid thing and forgot to bring the desserts for the lunch, which means they are still in my possession. Normally, I would be excited about this, because they are delicious and gluten-free. Obviously I’m not excited to have 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies and a whole lot of lemon bars. But you know who will be? The gluten-free folks getting married on Sunday, who don’t know it yet, but are getting a little gift from me. Let’s go ahead and call this a win.

Argh. The wine at Whole Foods looked extra good. Simon couldn’t take one more egg this morning, and ran (drove) to the store to get almond butter and green apples. He’s a lifelong toast with butter and cinnamon in the morning kind of guy. It’s that or a smoothie, so he’s having a tough time with breakfast. Especially the unsweetened coffee. Argh.

So this is today, in between the argh moments:

Day 5

Simon never thought he’d be so excited to have an apple and almond butter. I made myself a scramble with peppers and onions and topped it with some leftover guacamole. Which, by the way, was still green. If you don’t know the secret, you really must check it out. I’d post a picture, but it’s blurry. It looks good on Instagram, though!

Simon ate half of a roast chicken that was in the fridge. (I’ve made sure that the fridge never runs out of roast chicken this week) It’s helped.
I met a friend for lunch in Mill Valley, and got myself the classic paleo out to eat staple of the burger no bun. And pushed those nasty raw onions aside. Blech. Oil and vinegar on the salad, ’cause you can’t trust those dressings.

Burger no bun. Blue cheese and bacon. (I'm allowing myself some dairy)

Burger no bun. Blue cheese and bacon. (I’m allowing myself some dairy)

Soup again. But this time, spicy tomato chicken soup. Kind of like tortilla soup, but without the tortillas. So it’s probably not right to call it that.  We topped it with some avocado and gave it a squeeze of lime. Perfect for a cold and rainy night. “Winter” is what they call it here in San Francisco, but I was wearing flip-flops earlier, and I still have my toes.

tortilla soup, hold the tortillas

tortilla soup, hold the tortillas

You’ll notice that there isn’t a link to the soup recipe. That’s because there isn’t one. I’ve noticed that a picture of a photo often elicits requests for the recipe, which I love, and… 90% of what I cook is completely off the cuff. When I do want to record a recipe for a blog post, I must measure what I add, write down everything I do, and take lots of mediocre pictures with my camera phone. I don’t always do that, due to time restrictions, and being too hungry. But I will do my best to get some soup recipes up soon! I make amazing soup. It’s sort of my specialty.

Well, I can hear the couch calling. I am going to go lie on it, and pretend that I’m not having some real deal sugar withdrawals. You know it’s bad when you’re craving peanut M & M’s.

Coconut muffin with butter and cinnamon it is!

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4 Responses to 21 Day Sugar Detox. Day 5: I’ll be on the couch, pretending not to want ice cream and a margarita.

  1. ojparets@gmail.com says:

    I found almond flour yesterday, so I’ll be making the crackers soon! A green apple sounds great…. didn’t have any at the store yesterday!

  2. I’m putting in my request now for a spicy chicken soup. I am no cook and have never made soup. Well, once. But it was HORRIBLE. So any help is appreciated.

    Also, I am trying to ween myself off protein shake breakfasts, but am like Simon – I can only do eggs so many days in a row, especially because I only like them scrambled or omeletted. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    • zenbellyblog says:

      I will definitely work on some soup recipes! Once you feel good about making one, you’ll be amazed at how creative you can be with others. Breakfast… Most of the recommendations I have are non-traditional breakfast foods. Some leftovers are good for breakfast, but only if you’re able to get out of the mindset of breakfast having to be breakfast-y. I often don’t eat right away, and can get away with eating lunch a bit early. I think combining a nutrient dense carb, like squash and sweet potato, with a protein and some fat is a good way to go. Bacon wrapped chicken with sweet potatoes? acorn squash with butter and cinnamon and some breakfast sausage? Making some dishes ahead is key

  3. cindasana says:

    You mention Simon having a hard time to adjusting to coffee sans sugar…has he ever tried “bulletproof coffee”? Take a couple of tablespoons of grassfed butter, drop it in your coffee cup, cover it with the black gold, and use a little handblender to mix/froth it. I never would have thought I’d like coffee without sweetener (or creamer, but what is butter, really, but jacked up creamer?), but my husband and I are now diehard converts to buttered coffee! The butter really takes the edge off any bitterness, but without obscuring the coffee’s natural flavour. Awesome-sauce.

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