21 Day Sugar Detox, Days 7 & 8: One week down! Or as Simon says, half way there

We had this conversation today.

Simon: What day are we on?
Me: 8.
Simon: So we’re just about half way done!
Me: Ummmm. Actually, it’s more like a third of the way done?

In Simon’s mind, 8 is almost 10, and 10 is just about half of 21.

But really, I like to celebrate the fact that we’re one week down, two to go. ‘Cause if we say we’re half way there NOW, when we’re actually half way there if won’t feel like an accomplishment, because we were already there.

Can you tell I’m sleep deprived?

Day 7

I’m not sure I can pull off a play by play for yesterday, because it feels like a really long time ago.

Here are some highlights:

Kickin' it old school

Kickin’ it old school

We woke up to a power outage, due to a snapped power line a block from our house. Luckily, were were able to brew coffee with that old fashioned cone you see there, using the coffee that was ground the night before. PHEW. We even have a stove top frother, so Simon didn’t have a meltdown due to a lack of frothy half and half in his coffee. I’m half kidding.

For breakfast, Simon made bacon and eggs, and I just ate a plate of bacon.

I don’t really remember much after that, there’s a vague memory of shoveling salmon salad into my mouth before running out the door to the wedding I was catering. Naturally, I found myself starving on the way to the gig. I tend to not get hungry when I’m cooking, and then once I’m done, it hits me. This is not a good thing in my normal life, but during a detox when my food options are even more limited, it’s downright scary. My server (best ever, my absolute favorite, love him) who I was carpooling with spotted a Safeway, which seemed like the only thing around, aside from a few coffee shops. Any time I’ve been in a Safeway, I’ve marveled at 2 things:

1. The lack of actual food in them.
2. The general unhealthy appearance of so many of the people shopping there.

But I’m desperate, and figure that worst case scenario, there will be almonds or something.



I am overjoyed and feel like a sugar detox ninja. Sure, the cheese is totally unnecessary, but made my dinner a bit more luxurious. That’s right, I just referred to my dinner of meat and cheese roll ups as luxurious.

The wedding I catered last night was for the sweetest couple ever. It was in their home, and was attended by just a few members of their family and close friends. It was one of those events that reminded me how much I love my job. It didn’t feel like work, it felt like I was one of the few lucky people who got to be a part of their beautiful celebration. The ceremony was on their back deck, and I was glad I couldn’t hear what they were saying, because I would have totally cried. And it might be weird to cry at a wedding when you don’t really know the people. For the reception, they had stationary and passed hors d’oeuvres, and a gluten-free chocolate cake from The Gluten-Free Bread Factory*. Which, by the way, everyone raved about, and could not believe that it was gluten-free. Cutting that sucker and not stealing a nibble was not an easy feat. But I persevered.

Their Crudités platter, dips added later

Their Crudités platter, dips added later

Day 8

Today started off with the alarm going off way before I was ready to wake up. It was pretty much like this: brush teeth-coffee-mascara-clothes-throw things in car-coffee.

I had a lovely morning making omelets, as I always do. It’s a pretty sweet gig, because who doesn’t love to come to work on a Monday and order an organic omelet made with whatever they want? Well, I’m the one making those omelets, so I see a lot of happy people. I’ve even heard the words “I LOVE Mondays!”

You’ll notice there was no breakfast in the madness that ensued this morning, so after the omelet bar, I made myself this:

Sunny eggs over bacon, spinach & tomatoes

Sunny eggs over bacon, spinach & tomatoes


The afternoon consisted of some snacking on leftover lamb from the other night and a much needed cup of earl grey tea.

Come dinner time, I was obviously very happy to find some steaks in the fridge from Fallon Hills Ranch. I get my eggs and ham for the omelet bar from them, as well as our meat for the week. The farmers market got canceled an hour after it opened yesterday due to the weather, so they came to my house to deliver my order. How much do I love them? SO MUCH. I even got to shop for our meat for the week right outside my house.

So for dinner, I just salted and peppered these beauties, cooked ’em in some bacon fat in a cast iron skillet, and sautéed some mushrooms to go on top. I also made some kale with balsamic and pine nuts. It was good, but needs another run before I post the recipe.

Yes please.

Yes please.

So that’s it, fellow sugar detoxers! We are one third done, and well on our way to busting those nasty sugar and carb cravings. How are you feeling? Are you craving some old favorites? What are you eating instead?


* official website is under construction

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