21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 9: If I have to smell brownies one more time…

I’m pretty sure that making brownies and not being able to eat a single tiny piece of them is an actual, real form of torture.

I made some yesterday for a drop-off catering gig that I was booked for today, and let me tell you: TORTURE. When I got to the house and opened the container that they were in, I almost fell over.

One thing’s for certain: they are on the list of things to make in approximately two weeks from now. I’ll even post the recipe.


I had another less than ideal eating day, where I enjoyed my coffee and wasn’t hungry for a while and then BAM! Hangry. I had plans for something that looked like this:

Who needs bread?

Who needs bread?

But someone ate all of the salmon that was in the pantry. I was officially derailed. So I ripped the last of the chicken off of the roast chicken and had a few roast beef and cheddar roll-ups like I did the other night. But this time, deluxed with dijon mustard. Oh. Boy.

After dropping off the food for ladies poker night I was officially in need of dinner. Pork chops were the option given the amount of time I was willing to spend cooking.

But first, an appetizer made with random catering overflow:

Smoked Salmon | Chive Creme Fraîche | Grain-Free Crackers

Smoked Salmon | Chive Creme Fraîche | Grain-Free Crackers

Okay, back to the challenge of dinner: I’m a total pork chops and applesauce kind of girl. It doesn’t really have to be applesauce, but I love some kind of fruit with pork. It’s my go-to, almost all the time. In the summertime, I make a stone fruit slaw out of peaches, plums, nectarines and apricots that is de-licious.

Speaking of fruit, raise your hand if you’ve explained this detox to someone, and when you get to the part about no fruit, they say “But fruit is healthy!”, as if we’re all going to have some kind of fruit deficiency when this thing is over. I hope we can bounce back from that!

So I seared them in some bacon fat and added the tomato sauce that didn’t fit in the chafing dish with the meatballs I prepared for ladies poker night. Threw ’em in the oven and let them finish in there. Lovely with a bit of sautéed romanesco with a touch of Parmesan cheese.

Not the most beautiful dinner, but tasty nonetheless.

Not the most beautiful dinner, but tasty nonetheless.

And that’s day 9! Good news: I got the rest of the week off. Which means I’ll have time to move my blog so it can be better functioning, and maybe even fold some laundry. Also: post some recipes I’ve been dying to post but haven’t had time. Maybe even take pictures of them while there is still daylight! Maybe.

Speaking of which, I posted this one for Moroccan Braised Lamb earlier today. Check it out! Even though it cooks for hours, the active time is mere minutes.

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4 Responses to 21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 9: If I have to smell brownies one more time…

  1. Jessica says:

    There is NO WAY I would be able to make brownies AND cut them out of the pan, and not have just a tiny bite. You have tremendous will-power. I did get a funny look from the lady that works at one of the natural food stores I visited last week looking for the coconut flour. She didn’t have that, but offered me other things in the shop – many of which were dried fruits. When I told her I couldn’t have the fruits because it was a no-sugar diet, she reminded ME that it was natural sugar! :o) I know, but it’s still sugar!! Which made me think of something, I think the little “grape” tomatoes that we so love in this house have just as much sugar as an actual grape, so maybe I shouldn’t eat those.
    Also, I ended up finding something close to coconut flour (not as fine as the flour, I suspect), so I made the muffins yesterday, without honey, vanilla, or sugar of course. I guess I have to side with Simon that they’re more a vehicle for butter. ;o)

    • zenbellyblog says:

      It is a true test of willpower, Jessica! The alternative, since my job is to cook food for people, is to do this detox when I’m on vacation (the non-existent 3 week kind!) and it sounds worse to me to be stressed about what I’m eating when I’m on vacation; when I’m supposed to be stress-free! So I suffer through the brownie smell, and know that when I can eat them in a couple of weeks, it will be AMAZING. And yes, the muffins are definitely a vehicle for butter! I should have linked to this before, but forgot, sorry: Here is a link to buy coconut flour online! http://astore.amazon.com/zenbelmostlyp-20/detail/B003XB3NNE
      As far as the grape tomatoes, I’m not sure… tomatoes are technically a fruit, but I don’t think they’re on the “no” list. I’ve definitely been eating tomatoes.

  2. This will probably sound snarky, but I don’t mean it that way. What is the point of doing a 21 day sugar detox if you will then make brownies? See? Snarky. But not intended that way. Being someone who constantly struggles with sugar my point would be 21 days and then . . . no brownies. I know there is a reason, please enlighten me.

    Also, I love “hangry” – it so accurately describes a place I’ve been, awesome word making.

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