21 Day Sugar Detox, Day 10: I’m still in my pajamas.

And it’s AMAZING.

If you’ve been following along, you know that I’ve had an insane week or two. If you know me personally, well, you know how that goes. I’m not a type A person.

I was supposed to continue on with the craziness this week, no end in sight until Saturday, but a catering job got cancelled. Since I am in need of some time off, as well as some time to catch up on paperwork, this is a good thing.

Simon had the day off too, since he’s a contractor, and his current project is outside.

This is what outside looks like.

This is what outside looks like.

So I woke up to the smell of bacon, which is always a good thing. Coffee made, bacon in the oven. Looking pretty good so far!

spinach onion & feta omelet with bacon

spinach onion & feta omelet with bacon

I LOVE when someone makes breakfast for me. Or any meal, really. It’s downright luxurious.

We had big plans to go to a matinee and take advantage of both of us having a weekday off, but somehow staying in pajamas trumped that idea. We discussed what kinds of snacks we could bring: peanut M&Ms! almonds! Kale chips! Popcorn! Kombucha! Bubbly water! Meh. Even though popcorn isn’t paleo, when not on a sugar detox we usually bring some that we made in the air popper and tossed with some grassfed butter and sea salt. I smuggle it in my big purse, and they can kiss my a$$ if they don’t like it.

It was a wonderful lazy yet productive morning / afternoon that involved planning a holiday paleo party with a friend, answering emails, buying a new camera(!), writing proposals and discussing the next steps for Zenbelly Kitchen. It’s taking longer than I had hoped to get this business open, and I’m getting antsy. Commence high gear mode.

I took advantage of the massive amount of veggies in the fridge and made myself a salad for lunch with some Wild Planet Sardines. I made a quick creamy parsley dressing by throwing some mayo, lemon juice and parsley in the blender.



Suddenly, it was dinner time. The only thing we had left from our Fallon Hills order was a pork tenderloin, and I just wasn’t feelin’ it. Plus, we had zero vegetables left. So Simon was a sport (remember: I’m still in my jammers) and ran to the best little market in San Francisco, Noriega Produce. They’re too busy cramming everything one could possibly want into a teeny store to have time for a website. He returned with some grass fed beef, butter lettuce, tomatoes & avocados. BOOM. Burger time.

I've been a bit cheese obsessed...

I’ve been a bit cheese obsessed…

I know what you’re thinking: “How in the WORLD do you plan to pick that thing up?!”



Normally, there isn’t much to blog about after dinner. Not much dessert to be had. But tonight, to celebrate day 10 (that’s not entirely true, it just sort of happened) I made vanilla bean tahini truffles from Practical Paleo. Sans maple syrup, of course. I’m pretty excited to have something to snack on while catching up on Dexter and Homeland.

My blog is moving tomorrow! I don’t really understand it, honestly, but it’s happening, and will be down from about 9pm PST tonight until at least the same time tomorrow. So there a chance I won’t post tomorrow, but don’t worry, I’m not hiding somewhere eating candy bars.

Next time I “see” you, we’ll be past the half way point! This isn’t so bad, right?


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