Canned Tomatoes & Tomato Paste

I used to be a canned tomato hoarder.  They are just so convenient, inexpensive and so many recipes are improved by tomatoes.  When I read the article 7 Things You Should Never Eat, I was admittedly a bit devastated.  I mean I know I can buy fresh tomatoes, and wind up with the same product in a reasonable amount of time, but still.  I do a lot of cooking and I don’t take many shortcuts.  The ones I do take make me happy.

Don’t fret my year round tomato lovers!  Bionatura has crushed and strained tomatoes that are sold in glass jars.  They taste better than canned, too.

Pomi is another option- they are sold in cartons instead of cans.

Both the above options are a bit pricier than canned tomatoes, but 100% worth it.

4 Responses to Canned Tomatoes & Tomato Paste

  1. Eileen says:

    Good ideas! Canning/jarring your own is wonderful, too but a lot of work for folks with poor health. Also, I recently read that Muir Glen is changing over to BPA free liners for their canned products. They were high on Cooks Illustrated’s taste test results, too.

    • zenbellyblog says:

      I heard the same thing, which is great news! I agree with Cooks Illustrated- they are really great tasting canned tomato products, and I will be happy to once again have them as an option.

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