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Lunch might be the most challenging meal of the day when one decides to cut grains out of their diet. All of a sudden, the seemingly innocent sandwich is not an option, and you’re left scratching your head. The good news is, while it may take some planning, there are plenty of great lunch options available to you. The great news: You’ll feel a while lot better come 3pm when you didn’t eat a super burrito for lunch.

Lunch recipes coming soon!

Filet Mignon & Grilled Vegetable Salad

You might expect that my life as a caterer means that I eat only the finest cuisine, served on a silver platter with a linen napkin.  I do eat really well, because I make it a point to, but it … Continue reading

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Curry Mango Chicken Salad

Grapes are one of those things that I will not buy if they’re not organic. I won’t. They are in the “dirty” section of the dirty dozen, a list compiled by the Environmental Working Group to help people make healthy … Continue reading

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Perfect Roast Chicken

There are so many ways to roast a chicken that one could almost argue that there is no wrong way to do it. You can roast it at 350 the whole time. You can start it high and end low. … Continue reading

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Turkey B.L.A.T. Boats

I’m willing to bet that there aren’t many gluten free-ers who don’t occasionally mourn the loss of their beloved sandwich. Especially in the beginning. I mean let’s face it: There is something magical about the sandwich; their infinite possibilities, their … Continue reading

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